Has Martin Foley been questioned by police?

Martin Foley must give Albert Park voters an honest, straight forward answer on whether he has been called in by police for questioning over any role he had in the rorting of taxpayers’ money.

Martin Foley can’t keep hiding behind weasel words and avoiding scrutiny.

If Martin Foley is asking local people for their vote next month, he owes it to those voters to be completely open about this matter.

The Ombudsman’s investigation into Labor’s rorting of taxpayers’ money found that Labor’s campaign in Albert Park rorted $21,148 to win the seat.

Daniel Andrews and Labor are asking voters to trust them about not introducing any more new taxes to fund their $100 billion spend-a-thon.

Before the last election Daniel Andrews promised Victorians he wouldn’t raise or introduce any new taxes. Since then he’s broken that promise 12 times.

Trust is a two way street. If Daniel Andrews and Martin Foley are asking voters to trust them about taxes, then they need to be upfront and honest with voters if they are asked by the police to come in for questioning.

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