Family’s antenna dilemma

09 Oct 2018 • Progress Leader, Melbourne (General News)
by Anthony Piovesan

Camberwell family latest to battle TPG over mobile network infrastructure A Camberwell family’s dream of living in their “forever home” has been spoiled by a TPG plan to install a 4G network antenna 20 metres from their son’s bedroom window.

Peter and Magda Horak and their two-year-old son moved into their newly renovated Warburton Rd home in June.

A week later they received TPG’s proposal in the mail and after a three-month battle to have the location of the antenna reviewed, the family said they had still not received any answers.

“The antenna is at the same elevation as my son’s bedroom and pointing at our house – my wife is pregnant at 15 weeks and we’ve already got exposure from a Vodafone antenna150m away,” Mr Horak said.

He said despite his objections, TPG installed the radio communications antenna before the community consultation period had ceased.

The concerned father said after he and the council complained to TGP, the antenna was taken down “within a few hours”.

The family is now awaiting TPG’s next move.

“There are so many issues and concerns they have not bothered to consult me on,” Mr Horak said.

“Knowing that we have to make a decision between exposing our children to this antenna, and the costs of moving elsewhere, in an area we have fallen in love with in our 11 years here, is absolutely heartbreaking.”

Hawthorn state Liberal MP John Pesutto slammed the company.

“The behaviour by TPG is not acceptable and it needs to be accountable for its installations,” he said.

“I have been trying to work with TPG to come to an acceptable resolution. Unfortunately, TPG seems to no longer be co-operating.”

Mr Pesutto said he will invite TPG representatives to a community meeting. TPG did not respond to the Leader’s request for comment before deadline.

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