TPG furore in Canterbury

25 Sep 2018 • Progress Leader, Melbourne (General News)
by Anthony Piovesan

More residents slam company over infrastructure TPG’s wireless 4G roll out has again come under fire, this time from residents in Maling Rd, Canterbury who claimed the telecommunications company failed to consult them.

It follows fierce community backlash from people living in Camden Rd, Hawthorn, where TPG wants to stick up antennas and other infrastructure, despite the street being covered by a heritage overlay.

A Maling Rd homeowner, who wished to remain anonymous, called TPG’s community consultation a “complete sham”.

“We had a meeting with TPG and they assured us they would stop installation and investigate (other) locations,” they said.

“I wrote to them numerous times, too many to mention, but they ignored me and went ahead and dug a pit here a week ago.

“I have written asking them for evidence they have tried to find other locations or at least to update us, but have heard nothing.”

Hawthorn state Liberal MP John Pesutto called on TPG to change its approach and listen to residents.

“I am concerned that TPG does not appear to be taking residents’ views into consideration,” he said.

“Constituents are deeply frustrated with TPG’s ‘consultation’ process responses to residents’ concerns appearing to be just a generic copy and paste.”

The TPG works don’t need council permission, but Boroondara Council said it asked TPG to consider another location.

TPG did not respond to the Leader’s request for comment.

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