Open Courts and Other Acts Amendment Bill 2018

Open Courts and Other Acts Amendment Bill 2018

Consideration in detail

20 September 2018

Mr PESUTTO — Could I add my comments — with indulgence — just to extend my thanks to the Speaker, to all of the parliamentary staff and to all of the electorate office and ministerial staff, who work harder than they should have to to serve us as MPs and ministers in the government. They are often the forgotten ones. To those members of this house who leave with our warmest wishes, I offer my best wishes for their futures. I hope that the next chapter of their careers and lives is as enjoyable as I hope their time in this Parliament has been.

As for clause 1 of this bill, following the report by the Honourable Frank Vincent, which the government commissioned back in November 2016, the bill’s purpose principally is to, amongst other things of course, establish the primacy of the principle of open justice, and I would just ask the Attorney-General how, in practice, does he see that principle being implemented by the courts?

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