Leader of the Opposition: Points of order

Leader of the Opposition: Points of order

06 September 2018

Mr Pesutto — On a point of order, Speaker, we sat —

Mr Richardson interjected.

The SPEAKER — Does the member have a point of order?

Mr Pesutto — Yes, I do. I was just waiting for my good colleague over there on the other side of the house. I think it is important to raise this point of order because we sat very patiently —

The SPEAKER — If the member does not raise a point of order he will be sat down.

Mr Pesutto — Okay, we sat very patiently while the member for Kew was giving his address and was repeatedly interrupted on the basis, frivolously, that he was not addressing the motion. Now our good friend across the table is doing the very thing his own colleagues accuse the member for Kew of doing. Speaker, in the time left for the member for Albert Park, I would simply ask you to bring him back to the motion.

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