Hawthorn electorate mobile network rollout

Hawthorn electorate mobile network rollout


20 September 2018

Mr PESUTTO (Hawthorn) (17:12:03) — (15 039) On indulgence, before I turn to my adjournment matter, can I congratulate you. You have had a difficult job, and although at times I have wanted to stand up and ask that you remove yourself from the chamber for 1 hour, I know that is beyond my power as a mere member of Parliament. Congratulations on your service. It is not an easy job.

My adjournment matter tonight is for the Minister for Planning, and the action I seek from the minister is that he exercise those powers that are available to him to intervene in relation to the relocation of some mobile cell sites in my electorate that TPG is rolling out. As we all know, TPG, one of Australia’s major telcos, is rolling out its own mobile network. It has reached my electorate in recent months. Whilst most of the installations that TPG is either proposing or has implemented have not met with any controversy, there have been a number of proposed installation sites, and sadly sites that TPG has proceeded to install cells at, that have left my constituents very concerned. So I am seeking that the Minister for Planning intervene in this matter.

I also want to, as part of that, alert the minister to the advocacy of a number of my constituents with whom I have worked or corresponded on this matter to try and force TPG to relocate certain of these cells that are the most controversial. Nick Katrivessis, Peter Horak, Dana Gee, Kata Acciarresi, Nick Xerakias, Annette Muldeary, June Sutherland, Mia Livingstone Ale, Patrick Ale, Boon Tung, Elizabeth James, Mary Garkinis, Jenny Ellis, Libby Moore are signatories to the petition that Camden Road residents have organised, as are Roy Lilley, Betty Davis and Margaret Mary Brew, amongst a number of others.

I met with residents in Camden Road, Hawthorn, in my electorate last week and they were very angry, as have been all of the other people I have met with. In some cases they have children’s bedrooms which are located only metres from these proposed cell sites. There are questions that TPG really needs to address in the interest of being fair to my constituents. I hope and trust that, with the minister’s intervention, TPG will do just that.

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