Drop this idea and drop it now

Daniel Andrews has to come out today and kill this brain snap idea to increase the salary and perks of judges and magistrates.

We don’t want any of Daniel Andrews’ usual weasel words, he just needs to slap down this idea straight away.

According to reports in today’s media, magistrates want to increase magistrates’ annual leave from four to six weeks which would require six additional magistrates to be hired.  Under this proposal, Supreme Court Associate Judges would also get more generous long-service leave, allowing them to take six months off after seven years of service.

The justice system is in crisis under the Andrews Labor Government, yet judges and magistrates want whopping salary increases that will infuriate many Victorians who are struggling to meet higher energy costs, food bills and state taxes.

Cost of living increases mean many households have not seen their real income improve, yet they’re supposed to welcome big pay rises for judges who are already on hundreds of thousands of dollars a year?

Victoria has among the highest number of judges and magistrates in the country, yet court cases are taking longer and costing more, KPIs which in any other workplace would not justify a remuneration uplift.

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