Daniel Andrews’ Red Shirts cover up now $1.3 million and counting

In the annual Ombudsman report released today it has been revealed that Labor’s attempted cover up of their Red Shirts rorts has cost taxpayers an eye-watering $878,855.

The report also revealed that staff costs were $744,862 and external legal costs were $133,993.

This $878,855 doesn’t even include the Parliament’s costs or the Government’s total costs.

The Ombudsman’s figures now put an onus on Daniel Andrews to reveal the total staff costs, in addition to external legal fees, involved in Labor’s cover-up. The Premier must also reveal the costs to taxpayers for the Solicitor General.

If Daniel Andrews has any integrity he will make sure Labor repays this money before the election.

Labor have now spent millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money in rorts and trying to cover up their rorts which is money better spent on police, schools and hospitals.

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