Can Victorian victims of crime trust Daniel Andrews with their private information?

Victorians who have been victims of crime will be rightly concerned about their private information being used for political purposes by the Andrews Labor Government.

The Attorney-General, who is himself facing the possibility of a police investigation by the Fraud and Extortion Squad for rorting taxpayers’ money, needs to give Victorians a guarantee that he will not authorise the abuse of personal information for political purposes.

Already we’ve seen multiple court documents, containing sensitive information, released by the Andrews Labor Government for purely political and mudslinging purposes.

Daniel Andrews’ decision to use the public service to leak confidential information for political payback has resulted in a massive privacy breach of innocent Victorians.

The Andrews Labor Government says the unauthorised release of innocent Victorians health and financial records was “unfortunate”. This is a Premier that has lost his way because of his win at all costs attitude, no matter who is hurt along the way.

Former Privacy Commissioner Prof David Watts has told 3AW that because of Daniel Andrews’ breach of privacy, Victorian taxpayers could be facing a class action and the damages could be in the millions.

Whether it is stolen dictaphones, rorting taxpayers’ money for political campaigns or hacking into political opponents payroll information, there is no line this Premier won’t cross.

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