Fines Victoria delays frustrating police

Police are frustrated at delays in court-issued fines being sent to offenders under a new, centralised system, says Victoria’s Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton.

The penalties have not been sent since Fines Victoria became the agency responsible for sending infringements about six months ago, due to issues transitioning to the new system.

Mr Ashton on Thursday told ABC radio it was frustrating for police to see the delays.

The Department of Justice and Regulation says the creation of Fines Victoria has been a complicated process.

“The establishment of Fines Victoria as a single, central point of contact for outstanding fines is a complex task that has involved consolidating more than 21 million files to a new system,” a spokesman said in a statement.

“There are currently some payment methods that have been affected by the transition to the new system and we are working to fix these as a matter of priority.

“When these issues have been resolved Fines Victoria will provide further advice to all affected court fine recipients.”

It’s understood people who received fines after their due date will not incur additional fees.

Shadow attorney-general John Pesutto said it was a “stuff-up of the highest order” and unacceptable.

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