Riversdale railway station

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07 June 2018

Mr PESUTTO (Hawthorn) (09:42:01) — On 25 May I met with a number of my constituents at Riversdale railway station in Camberwell in my electorate. Christiane Kehoe, David Metzenthen, Rebecca Peachey, Kerry Herson, Meredith Ure, Andrew Hynson and Warren and John Baring are local residents angry about the decision Metro Trains Melbourne took recently to cut down healthy gum trees on public land surrounding the station.

Recently residents of Wandin Road, Camberwell, in particular managed to stop Metro Trains arborists cutting down a healthy 100-year-old gumtree on the east side of Riversdale station. Unfortunately another significant tree was already half down. Several g thresidents who phoned Boroondara City Council were advised that Metro Trains did not have a permit for major works, only pruning. I am advised that Metro Trains arborists were stopped, pending further investigation.

Local residents are concerned that they have not received any proper notice about the removal of established old trees. They are concerned that pruning efforts have now resulted in four perfectly healthy gum trees being removed while dead shrub continues to be ignored and is not pruned or cleared away. This group of concerned residents discussed with me the possibility of that happening and that if proper action is not taken, further beautiful trees will be gone.

I have written to both Metro Trains and VicTrack, and I am awaiting a response to my queries. In the meantime a petition is being circulated throughout the affected local area, and this is gaining a lot of community support. I certainly urge constituents in and around the area of Riversdale station to join us and support this important petition to save vegetation and healthy old trees in the area.

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