Justice Legislation

Justice Legislation

21 June 2018

Mr PESUTTO (Hawthorn) (09:39:26) — I desire to move, by leave:

That this Assembly:

(1)   notes the decision of the High Court of Australia in Craig William John Minogue v. State of Victoria, which found in effect that section 74AAA of the Corrections Act 1986, as amended by this government in 2016, does not apply to Mr Minogue and that he may therefore now be able to apply for parole;

(2)   notes that the government rejected a valid model for such legislative action that the High Court upheld in respect of Mr Julian Knight, being legislation that the Napthine coalition government introduced successfully and effectively in 2014;

(3)   calls upon the government to urgently bring forth legislation to deal with this pressing matter, given his earliest eligibility date for parole has passed, and arrange for such sittings of the house as to ensure the matter is fully dealt with; and

(4)   fully and comprehensively condemns the Andrews Labor government for its complete mishandling of this profoundly important matter —

its botching, its missed opportunities, its ignorance of advice and the way it arrogantly introduced this legislation, rejecting all the valid models that we had introduced to ensure that Julian Knight was kept behind bars. But what did this government do? This government ignored that. They botched the handling of this matter, and I call on this house to condemn the Andrews Labor government for its mishandling of this profoundly important matter. We could deal with this matter today.

Leave refused.

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