Reports that the Andrews Labor Government have admitted that two people who allegedly assaulted a PSO and a police officer at Armadale last night will not face mandatory minimum jail terms is more evidence of Victoria’s broken justice system.

According to the Andrews Labor Government, the violent offenders will probably get off on a technicality because the police officer and PSO didn’t suffer significant physical injuries.

What sort of message does this send that you can assault police officers and interfere with their work and still get away with it as long as there is no significant injury?

It’s already difficult enough for police and PSOs to keep Victorians safe without the added difficulty of having thugs assault them on the job.

It’s no wonder Victorians have lost confidence in our justice system under Daniel Andrews.

At the next election, Victorians will have a choice between Daniel Andrews and his fake mandatory sentencing or Matthew Guy and real mandatory sentencing.

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