Daniel Andrews fails to keep Craig Minogue locked up

The High Court has today ruled that Daniel Andrews has dropped the ball and stuffed up legislation to keep cop murderer Craig Minogue in jail.

On a day when Daniel Andrews is trying to talk tough on protecting police from thugs, he can’t even keep Victoria’s worst cop killer, Craig Minogue, in jail.

If Daniel Andrews can’t keep a murderer in jail he can’t keep Victorians safe.

Last night, Victorians suffered through four home-invasions, shots being fired into a shop, a man wielding a knife at a train station and an armed robbery.

Victorians are less safe today under Daniel Andrews than they were four years ago.

At the next election Victorians have a clear choice between more law and order failures under Daniel Andrews, or Matthew Guy’s plan to get tough on crime with mandatory minimum sentences, bail and parole reforms to make Victoria safer.

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