The Liberal Nationals will always protect those that protect us

Victorians have now lost all confidence in Daniel Andrews’ ability to keep Victorians safe following the decision that saw two defendants avoid jail time for a vicious attack on hard working paramedics.

We need to send a strong and unmistakable message to violent offenders that the time for excuses is over.

The Liberal Nationals will introduce a private members bill next week to address the refusal by the courts to apply minimum sentences for attacks against first responders.

The changes will ensure the original aims of minimum sentences for attacks on first responders in 2014 are given the full effect that Parliament intended – tough sentences and a strong message of deterrence to offenders.

This will include a narrowing of the special reasons category that courts have repeatedly used to shield violent offenders from minimum sentences for atrocious attacks on first responders.

These changes will extend to other offences for which similar minimum sentences were introduced in 2014, such as one-punch attacks and acts of gross violence.

This will all be in addition to other strong sentencing measures like mandatory minimum sentencing for our worst violent offenders and a crackdown on concurrent sentencing.

The Liberal Nationals will always protect those that protect us.

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