Paramedics under attack in Daniel Andrews’ Victoria

Reports of another violent attack on a paramedic at Epping overnight, is more evidence of the current lawlessness in Victoria.

It’s currently open season on paramedics in Victoria and Daniel Andrews’ approach seems to be to give violent offenders a hug and a cuddle and to make excuses for their behaviour.

Whether its youth gangs hunting in packs or violent offenders attacking paramedics, Victorians have had enough of Labor’s soft touch on law and order.

That is why the Liberal Nationals have announced a private members bill to be introduced next week to address the refusal by the courts to apply minimum sentences for attacks against first responders.

This will complement our policies to introduce mandatory minimum sentencing for our worst violent offenders and a crackdown on concurrent sentencing.

For every week that Daniel Andrews refuses to get tough with violent criminals, more and more innocent Victorians are being hurt.

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