Hawthorn Basketball Association

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10 May 2018

Mr PESUTTO (Hawthorn) (09:48:09) — I am very pleased this morning to rise to recognise and acknowledge the work of the Hawthorn Basketball Association (HBA). The Hawthorn Basketball Association has over 8000 active members across Hawthorn and other suburbs across Boroondara city. Amazingly, it manages over 320 games per week at 22 local venues across Hawthorn and Boroondara, and they do fantastic work. In addition to organising all of those games they run school clinics and they offer coaching assistance services and also holiday programs. So the work they perform is not just important for the sport of basketball and the promotion of basketball but also for general health and wellbeing across the area of Boroondara.

That of course engages the question of finding more venues for basketball to be played in. On Monday night of this week I met with Martin Reich, Brock Rogers, the general manager of HBA, David Skelton, Glenn Kiefer, Peter Schreuder, Neil McArthy and Bernard Cussen to discuss the possibility of other venues across Boroondara to provide venues for this growing sport. Boroondara, as many people would know, is a very built-up area of inner Melbourne and it does encounter challenges in terms of more venues. I am looking forward to working closely with HBA and the good work they do to find more venues for this growing sport.

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