Mandatory sentencing

Questions without notice and ministers statements
07 February 2018
Mr PESUTTO (Hawthorn) (11:19:44) — My question is to the Premier. On 23 January, when asked if he supported statutory minimum sentences for some serious crimes, the chief commissioner said:

In some cases we’ve got to send a message. There’s a core of offenders that just offend and when they’re not inside in custody in the corrections system, they’re out there offending.

Premier, why are you steadfastly refusing to introduce mandatory minimum sentences, which even the chief commissioner is saying are very clearly needed?

Mr PESUTTO (Hawthorn) (11:23:28) — Also on 23 January this year the chief commissioner said that police on the ground are frustrated with locking up the same offenders time and time again, with many police wanting tougher sentencing laws. He also said that he has walked the streets of Tarneit, where shuttered windows and deserted streets show a community stricken by a fear of crime. Premier, will you finally admit that your government being soft on crime for three years has left our police force frustrated, the chief commissioner hamstrung and our communities in places such as Tarneit living in fear?

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