One punch sentencing laws are being ignored

06 Oct 2017 • Mildura Weekly, Melbourne


The latest example of prosecutors revoking a notice of intention to seek the 10 year minimum sentence for cowardly one punch attacks is further evidence that our justice system is out of touch.

Under (Premier) Daniel Andrews, our justice system is not responding to the community’s strong calls for tougher sentences for such serious violent crimes.

This is evidenced by the fact that no minimum sentences for one-punch attacks have been sought by prosecutors, or imposed by Victorian courts, since the law was introduced in 2014.

Suggestions that the law is too difficult to apply are specious.

The truth is there appears to be a level of resistance in our justice sector to any attempt by Parliament to reflect the community’s will by insisting on minimum sentencing for certain types of violent crime.

The Andrews Government should be acting on this, although its record to date indicates that it will do nothing.

While there should be no need for any further changes to the law, if elected next year, the liberal-Nationals, under Matthew Guy will clarify the law to make the community’s will clear on sentencing for cowardly one-punch attacks.


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