Daniel Andrews leaves public gatherings vulnerable


After abolishing move-on laws in 2015, Daniel Andrews is dragging his feet on measures he promised earlier this year to give police some additional powers to manage violent protests.

The Crimes Legislation Amendment (Public Order) Bill 2017 has been sitting in the Upper House of the Victorian Parliament for nearly two months.

Now that the Parliament is in winter recess, no new laws are likely before the end of the year.

Daniel Andrews can’t even manage his legislative program, how can we expect him to keep our community safe?

The bill is a humiliating backdown by the Andrews Labor Government which abolished move-on laws introduced by the previous Coalition Government in 2014.

Despite this, Daniel Andrews’ bill does not fully restore powers he took away from police in 2015.

The Andrews Labor Government’s decision to repeal move-on laws has since seen a wave of violent clashes across Melbourne compromising community safety.

Move-on laws gave police a range of very reasonable powers to protect the public from thugs whose violence could never be justified as the legitimate exercise of democratic rights.


Attributable to Shadow Attorney-General John Pesutto:

Once again, Daniel Andrews has failed to implement reforms to keep our community safe.

Daniel Andrews has left our police and citizens vulnerable to extreme violence because of his soft on crime approach.

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